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RITAJ TELECOM is one of the leading players in the telecom market in a number of regions, thus enabling its partners to provide various VoIP services in their home countries. These services can be provided in virtually any country. In order to implement VoIP services, the agent will need to purchase a VoIP gateway or use their own existing one, obtain an Internet connection (Dial-Up, Wireless, Cable, DSL, E1 or T1, ISDN or Frame Relay) and if he is distributing calling cards with local-access numbers obtain phone lines (either analogue or digital) from the local telephone company.

Benefits to our Business Partner/Residential Clients

  • Reduce your telecommunication costs by 90% by enjoying RitajTelecom’s low cost international call rates
  • Reliability and speed of response are critical to the success of any business. With RITAJ ’s Network operating centre (NOC) and a dedicated account manager, your communication needs will always be taken seriously and dealt with efficiently
  • RITAJ now lists several compatible IP devices that can be used with RITAJ network giving our partners an alternative to using the traditional PC to make calls.
  • efficient billing solution with real time billing and management with Online Call Detailed Records
  • We will continue to add value by developing features and solutions, with a goal of reducing costs and enhancing the network.
  • Flexibility of payment, Western Union and/or instant money transfer

How does VoIP Telephony Work?

With the use of a small device the size of an external modem, RITAJ Partners can send voice traffic directly over the Internet to RITAJ's switch, thus eliminating the cost of callback, toll-free access or local telephone company costs. RITAJ's switch acts as a gateway and sends calls via its own channels to the destination phone number.
VoIP telephony is becoming increasingly popular and is viewed as more than just a way to transport data, but also as a tool that simplifies and streamlines a wide range of VoIP (business) applications.

What are the VoIP Applications that are supported by RITAJ?

The most popular VoIP telephony applications used by RITAJ partners are the following:

Virtual Office (PBX)

RITAJ has developed a special PBX program aiming at existing, as well as prospective, Business owners. RITAJ Virtual Office presents your Clients company as a leading edge firm that is large enough to manage your potential clients' business effectively. Now you can keep your small business available to your clients without the expense of a central office of full time receptionist.
Just because your client and his staff may be working from different locations doesn't mean your communications can't be centralized.

What will RITAJ VIRTUAL OFFICE do for your Clients Business?

  • present the perception of a large, well staffed office
  • direct calls to people in different locations
  • confidential messaging with personal greetings
  • retrieve messages by phone, via the Internet or email

Call Shops

RITAJ has developed a special Callshop program aiming at existing, as well as prospective, Callshop and Internet Cafe owners. The solution consists of special software and a remotely-preconfigured VoIP gateway which will terminate calls through RITAJ's network at very competitive rates.
As an alternative to the Callshop software, we also offer a special billing set consisting of a Billing Meter and a customer screen to be installed inside the call booth. The Billing Meter calculates the call duration and cost per each booth in the Callshops. More

Residential and business VoIP services

Cost-saving and reliable communication are the keys to the success of any business co-operating with international partners .Taking into account such needs, RITAJ Partners can provide access to cost-saving international calls for multiple employees of these companies by connecting the 2- or 4-port gateway to an existing company's PBX. Whenever an employee needs to make an international or national call, he/she simply uses the office phone with the VoIP Direct Dial service. In order to initiate the service the employee will need to dial an internal number, for example 111 and enter a PIN Code and a destination number. If the identification of the user is not required, the PIN Code can be skipped and an employee can dial any number directly.
Alternatively, the VoIP services can be also provided by Partners to home users who want to place cost-saving Internet calls by using IP phones or Softphones.

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