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Privae Label Program  

Private Label VoIP Solutions enables companies like yours to quickly and inexpensively capitalize on the booming internet phone revolution. Partnering with RITAJ allows you to increase your bottom line by generating extra recurring revenue from your current and future client base by reselling branded VoIP to them, without the technical, logistical and regulatory headaches associated with providing the service on your own. You provide the customer, and we provide the rest! .Providing our white label VoIP services to your customers will help you greatly increase your monthly recurring revenue off of your current and future client base with little to no cash outlay on your part, and only minimal work on your part.

You are already marketing to the potential customers, and in many cases you already have them. VoIP is a logical step for any tech user to take, as you are selling them a product that will save them money. By simply extending your brand name out to cover our additional services, you present your company with potential recurring revenue of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

This programmed gives you the opportunity to have customized Internet Telephony calling card product. We offer you a complete solution for creating an Internet calling card of your own brand including:

  • A product exclusive to you
  • Your own wholesale discount structure
  • Tariff structure designed by you
  • An attractive website with your own branding
  • An assigned account manager

You provide the customer; we provide the product, infrastructure, sales, and support!

Its easy and cheap to get started. If you have any questions, be selling VoIP to your customers in days!
Please Contact Us, or send us an e-mail on and one of our account managers will contact you shortly.

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