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For those who want to get involved in telecom business fast and easily but do not want to spend their time configuring various tariffs or charges, checking profit reports and optimizing their margins, RITAJ has designed a Reseller Program which does not require further customization while guarantees a certain profit margin. Within the Reseller program all the billing scenarios, tariffs, accounts, and various settings of telecom services are already configured thus reseller needs only to resell a ready to use product. Our Reseller program is open to anyone, individual or business! Join now and start earning up to 20% of profit!

What Is RITAJ Reseller Solution?

RITAJ Reseller Solution is a unique package designed for you if you are planning to set up your own Internet Telephony business (calling cards) using your current distribution channel.
With this solution, RITAJ can provide you with the Technology needed to set up your Internet Telephony business. This sets you free from heavy investments on Technology.

Who is RITAJ Reseller Solution for?

RITAJ Reseller Solution is an ideal step ahead for you if you are an entrepreneur or having a distribution channel. In addition to this you will acquire extensive knowledge of being a Virtual Network Operator. RITAJ’s dedicated Marketing and R&D Team provides you with all the necessary information you may require.

What you will be able to do?

With RITAJ Reseller Solution you will be able to:

  • Have your own branded Internet Telephony Calling cards and market then to anywhere in the world. Your customers will be able to make low cost Internet Calls from / to anywhere in the world.
  • Create your own Internet telephony cards and also supply private label (Personalized) Internet Calling Cards.
  • Provide Internet telephony to Internet Cafes or end users while you have complete control over your profit margin.
  • Increase the your turnover through this new business. If you are an ISP, you do not need to invest on new equipments or on Sales & Marketing. Just introduce this service to your current customers and have another steady source of revenue.
  • Set up the selling price yourself. You will also have complete control on the margins you set.
  • Customize the packages as per the local market requirement. You can decide the packaging of the product as PC2Phone Calling cards OR use your own special product mix to get ahead competition
  • You can include the VoIP in the current Internet package or a totally different package.
  • Resell the product and create your own distribution network of resellers.

What do we offer?

  • A unique opportunity to any ISP/ Distributor to become a Virtual Network Provider along with competitive and quality airtime to any destination in the world: therefore high profitability for your business.
  • Termination of calls to any destination in the world through a state of the art telecommunication network.
  • Provide you with Dialler software that enables your customers to use the computer to make calls. The Dialler can be customized to display your own brand.
  • Provide Technical and business advice on setting up your Internet telephony business.
  • Billing Solutions: Manage your billing & invoicing along with customers accounts and control margin online through your personal and confidential access RITAJ’s secure extranet.
  • Real Time Call Management & Reporting via Internet.
  • An assigned account manager

Contact Us, or send us an e-mail on and one of our account managers will contact you shortly.

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